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Throughout the world there has been a move to mass higher education, associated with greater diversity of institutions and programmes and a large increase in the number and size of universities. Expansion of higher education leading to different modes of course delivery, including franchising arrangements with third parties under which the parent institution may exercise limited control, virtual course delivery, as well as the delivery of courses through satellite campuses.

With our experience in education, new institution development, marketing and operations, we deliver solutions geared to accelerated growth, significant cost reductions, enhanced student loyalty and simultaneously ensure timely planning and implementation for significant market extension.

HeadStart offers a broad spectrum of services to meet the local, national and international requirements. Whether you are a Foreign University/ College/ Institution/ Student or an individual local student /institution client, we treat all our clients with the same quality service and support. We believe that all clients are equally important and deserve the same attention and service. Our clients are so diverse; we understand that "one size does not fit all". Therefore, we attempt to provide as much choice and variety to our clients as possible. Spend a little time with us and you might start seeing the education world like we do. Full of promise for the way education can be used to build and deepen the relationships important to your career and business.


Allied Academic Services:

Transformation of “teaching centered” educational institutions into “learning centered” educational institution

Design & development of “interface” for implementation of transformation process

Design & development of Course Modules for Student Learning approach methodology

Design, development and implementation of student’s feedback mechanism

Faculty and support staff training for implementation of transformation process.

Work out multi‐modal cost effective delivery logistics for optimum utilization of infrastructure and resources.

Special Support Services:

Career counseling, Aptitude tests and Mentoring of students.

Placement/ Job interview training of students.

Recruitment of core, visiting & adjunct faculty members.

Arrangement of Guest Speakers from Industry.

Industrial visits, Educational/ Study tours for students.

Distribution of placement brochure/ kit to selected companies.

Sale & distribution of prospectus/admission application form to students.

Placement meetings with concerned HR personnel of selected companies.

Formation/ Development/ International Collaborations & Alliances:

Preparation and appraisal of project report for formation/ development of an educational institution.

Advise on formation of Education (Business) organization (Trust/ Society/ Company etc.) for the purpose of imparting educational services.

Arrangement of strategic alliances with foreign Universities/ Colleges/ institutions.

Complete know‐how for educational institution formation/ tie‐up/ collaboration and preparation of draft of applications/ agreements.

Preparation and submission of application documents with concerned government regulatory agency/ accreditation board for grant of permission to start the programs/ courses with or without collaboration/ tie‐up/ affiliation.

Liaison with concerned regulatory agency/ accreditation board and facilitate approval.

Organize launch of foreign/ local programs.

Cost effective management & operation of international/ joint venture campus.

Selection of faculty/academic staff as per the requirement of partnering foreign institution/regulatory agency/ accreditation board.

Design, development and implementation of Promotion & Marketing strategy for international/ foreign/ local programs.

Development of various pre‐requisite courses/programs.

Advise on infrastructure & academic requirements to deliver various courses/ programs.

Work out multi‐modal delivery logistics for optimum utilization of infrastructure and resources.

Training and orientation of marketing staff for promotion & marketing of various programs/ courses.

Training and orientation of academic staff for foreign education teaching concept/ methodology.

The rationale for collaboration is highlighted by Henry Ford’s statement: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”.

Foreign Collaboration:

We offer extensive guidance to Indian institutions that are looking for a tie‐up with an overseas University or College. We can help institution for twinning programs, exchange programs, degree awarding associations, curriculum implementation, co‐curriculum developments, internship developments etc.

We are also able to guide institutions in India to recruit foreign students or vice versa. We are already partners with several international bodies who organize Cultural Exchange Programs, Academic Exchange Programs, Internship opportunities etc.

If you are interested in an International Collaboration / Alliance / Tie‐ up; kindly send us the following information:

  1. Name of the Institution
  2. Details about Promoters
  3. Academic Council
  4. Accreditations & Approvals
  5. Administration & Management
  6. Infrastructure & Facilities
  7. Programs Offered
  8. Student Strength (Subject/ Segment)
  9. Possibilities of Expansion
  10. Areas of Foreign Collaboration
  11. Designated persons contact list
  12. Placement Records
  13. Official Email, Website, Contact information
  14. Letter of Intent

Kindly provide us with the above information to enable us assessing the possibilities for Foreign Collaborations.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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