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Focus Germany

Focus Germany offers students from India the opportunity to gain insigh ...

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Focus Germany

Focus Germany offers students from India the opportunity to gain insights into the German universities, its economy, numerous specialist fields and research areas, as well as German society.

Years of experience tells us that many Indian students have a hard time navigating their way through the complicated structures of the German university landscape. They require not only a good university orientation but also concrete support during the application process for a place at a German university. We provide our students with all the important information they need on studying in Germany. In addition we offer students proactive support for gaining a place at a German university, together with a range of services.

Our service for university applicants encompasses:

  • Information on the requirements for studying in Germany

  • Pre-check of educational transcripts by our partner universities

  • Assistance with the application for a student visa

  • University placement counselling

  • Host-family programme

  • Student services

  • Assistance with the search for student jobs in Germany
German language courses for university entrance preparation:

We prepare students specifically for the TestDaF and DSH university entrance examinations. The course is designed for German learners who are highly motivated to acheive the required standard for entry into a German university, within the shortest possible time.

Facts about Germany:

  • The Federal Republic of Germany lies in the heart of Europe and is a cosmopolitan, democratic country with a great tradition and a lively present. Germany has one of the world’s strongest economies and offers an innovative research and education landscape. At the same time it has a strong creative economy and a dynamic cultural scene. Germany is the European Union’s most populous nation with 82 million inhabitants.
  • Great significance is attached to education and learning as well as research and development. There are some 370 institutions of higher education in Germany, which is the world’s most attractive country for international students. Among European countries, Germany ranks first when it comes to patent registrations and is one of the world’s three most innovative countries alongside Japan and the USA. A total of 68 of the 80 German Nobel laureates received the prestigious prize for achievements in the natural sciences. Organizations of extra-university research, such as the Max Planck Society, Fraunhofer Society, Leibniz Community and Helmholtz Association with their hundreds of institutes, provide ideal working conditions for researchers and are internationally renowned.
  • In a Europe free of borders and a world of globalized markets, education lays the basis, enabling us to exploit the opportunities open borders and world-wide knowledge networks offer. The German education and university system is undergoing a profound process of renewal that is already bearing fruit: Germany is one of the countries most preferred by foreign students, a hub of cutting-edge international research and a constant source of new patents.While it is the universities that are solely responsible for courses of study, needless to say in Germany research is also undertaken outside the university. Thus, German industry is strongly engaged in research: With regard to trade patents Germany is in third place after the USA and Japan. With more than 26,500 registrations for patents submitted to the European Patent Office, Germany is the leading European nation. Siemens, Bosch and BASF, with almost 5,000 registrations for patents between them in 2008, are among the Top 5 of more than 35,000 companies registering patents. Together with the USA and Japan, with regard to patents for nano, bio and new technologies Germany is one of the world’s most active nations. With around one third of triade patents Germany leads the way worldwide in the field of vehicle emission reduction.
  • German society is marked by a pluralism of lifestyles and a diversity of ethnic and cultural outlooks. Despite changes in society, the family remains the most important social reference group. Most people have good vocation training, a high standard of living in international terms and adequate scope for shaping their own personal lives.
  • Some 120 million people speak German as their native language and it is the most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union. Approximately 17 million people worldwide are currently learning German as a foreign language in courses at institutions.
  • Germany is a modern and open-minded country with high quality of life, influenced in many ways by multinational diversity.

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