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About Ghent University

Ghent University (UGent) occupies a specific position among the Flemish universities. This position is defined in the UGent Mission Statement, which serves as the basis for the process of change and strategic policy planning at all levels. It is also the touchstone for the day-to-day management of the university.

  1. distinguishes itself as a socially committed and pluralistic university that is open to all students, regardless of their ideological, political, cultural or social background;
  2. defines itself in a broad international perspective, all the while accentuating its individuality in terms of language and culture;
  3. aims to encourage its students to adopt a critical approach within a creative, development-oriented educational and research environment;
  4. offers a broad spectrum of high-quality research-based educational programmes that are constantly being adapted to the most recent scholarly and scientific developments;
  5. aims to develop in a selective manner the advanced degree programmes, as well as postgraduate and permanent education;
  6. aims to situate its educational and research activities within the broader social context and to remain in continual dialogue with all parties concerned;
  7. aims to promote and further develop fundamental independent research in all faculties and to be a world player in the selected fields of endeavour;
  8. aims to be an enterprising university with a focus on the social and economic applications of its research findings;
  9. attaches particular importance to the social facilities made available for students;
  10. creates a stimulating environment for its staff and provides them with the fullest scope of opportunities for developing their potential;
  11. attaches particular importance to the participation of students, staff and social representatives in the formulation of policy;
  12. desires strong interaction with its alumni;
  13. opts for a decentralised, dynamic organisation model.

Practical Info


Evaluation: a dynamic approach

The courses in this Master program frequently use interactive learning methods, so students are expected to participate actively. Opportunities are offered to hold group discussions, to solve case studies, to give presentations and to discuss actual situations with lecturers and guest speakers. In other words, the permanent evaluation of participants is indispensable and very important.


Course Schedule



The sessions take place on a daily basis, generally from 9 am till 1 pm. The afternoon will be devoted to case study preparation, group discussion, exercises, preparation of presentations, guest lectures, etc.



The program will be taught in English. All presentations and reports will be in English. Consequently, a sufficient proficiency in English is a necessary entry requirement.



All courses will take place at our campus at W. Wilsonplein 5D, Ghent (third floor)- the building where also the Department of Financial Economics is located. The room is equipped with the necessary IT-infrastructure and the computer class for the Master students is located nearby.


Start of the program

Beginning of October

End of the lectures

End of April

Thesis (Graduation project)


The thesis starts beginning of May and the results will be presented to the faculty and the ordering company by the end of June.


Document Required:

  • A legalized copy of previous studies (by the Belgium Embassy in India)
  • A transcript of the student's academic records.
  • Photographs
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Passport copy

Last date of Application: 7th May 2007 for the October 2008 intake

Tuition Fee: 3750 Euros (paid in 2 installments)

Note: Students would be earning 500 Euros per month after the 1st semester as paid internships during the course. This would make the tuition fee amounting to NIL.

Living Expenses: 300- 500 Euros per month

Headstart Fee: 2000 Euros (50% advance)

Earning Potential: Making your entire education and living free of cost.


Jobs are based on research positions and professor assistantship. Also students are allowed to work 20 hours part time. Students earn 500 euros per month from the 2nd semester via paid project work which they get through the university funded projects. Students can earn enough to pay the rent and also save up for living costs. The best part is the belgium govt is heavily funding this university so they have lot of research projects lying with them. Students get 9 months internships (full time paid) after completion of 1 year of studies.

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